California Urns

Urns are sold over the phone only.
Because of the numerous options regarding sizes, engravings, inlays, fonts and styles we ask that you call me directly so I can personnally assist you in making the best choice for your urn — 530/274-9541
You can contact me by email at

Please accept my deepest sympathy for your loss.
California Urns was created after a relative passed away suddenly. Being a furniture craftsman who enjoys building with wood, I contemplated how to provide comfort for the family. I decided to build two wood urns, one for the deceased’s mother and a keepsake for his son. The response was overwhelming and encouraged me to continue building custom wooden urns that are made personally for your loved one.
I strive to build beautiful personalized wooden urns that reflect the wood’s inherent beauty and express love and personality. The choice of using wood for making urns is intuitive. Not only does it grow naturally, it is renewable and completely recyclable. Wood uses less energy to produce than other materials. Trees consume carbon dioxide as they grow, with the resulting products storing carbon for centuries. Wood is natural for me.

Wooden Urns offer a Personal Remembrance and California Urns are Made Personally

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